Easy Steps to Better Gas Mileage

Gottires has been discussing issues related to tire in all its blogs. We hope our informative articles help you make an informed decision while buying car tires. Understanding that maintenance of the vehicle is a major concern for every car owner, we offer you well-researched insight to address those concerns. In this blog, we will again take up one of those vital topics and discuss the solution. 

You must have read several articles on how to increase your car mileage. Tire pressure, right motor oil and air filter are a few key areas which can help you save on gas. One grey area that remains untouched in all these discussions is related to the role the commercial tires play to better gas mileage. Condition of the tires influence the mileage of your car. Five conditions that affect the fuel economy of any car are the tire type, the tire size, the tread condition, age of the tire and the tire pressure. In this blog, we will revisit these five important points and discuss them one by one.

Always check the tire pressure

As per the normal OE recommendation, the tire pressure for commercial tires must be kept around 30-33 psi (pound square inch). Air pressure is important for handling the rolling resistance on the road. Make sure the air pressure in your car tires does not exceed or be below the manufacturer’s specifications. Proper air pressure provides good traction on the road. It goes on to enhance overall vehicle stability and reduce fuel usage. An underinflated tire works-up your engine rigorously which in turn consumes more fuel.

Type of tire used

In many of our earlier blogs, we have already discussed how fuel efficiency differs from the tire to tire. Commercial tires can be categorized as standard and premium as per their quality. Premium tires are more expensive than the standard tires. Premium tires are also more durable, offer high performance and have better designs. However, they are less fuel-efficient compared to standard quality tires. Now, those customers who wish to buy tires online or offline within a budget will have to sacrifice on looks and durability.

Check the weight of the car tires and their size

Any extra weight on a car can exert added pressure on the engines. When the engine works harder it results in more fuel consumption. Now the weight of a car tire is a tricky concept because it is believed that larger tires that offer better grip on the ground can save fuel. But if you opt for a very large tire for your car it may hamper the rolling resistance and increase fuel consumption. While changing the tire you can check the wheels and what material they are made of. Wheels made of a lighter alloy than steel can be used for small cars. If you are looking to buy tires online, always check the consumer manual of your car to learn about the tire load index. This index will help you decide what can be the optimum weight of your car’s tire. Anything below this index can be risky as it will shackle the stability of your car.

Tread design

Treads are the deep cuts of varying designs that you see on the surface of the tires. Their depth is important for keeping the friction and grip intact on the road. The minimum depth recommendation of a tire tread is 4/32” for a 13-14” tire. It varies as per the size and type of the tire. If you wish to buy tires online do check the specification to know your tire tread. Remember, the gas mileage decreases with tires having deep tread. Deep cut treads are mostly used in tires that are suited for off-road drives. They allow a car to drive through the roughest roads with ease. But if you drive your car mostly within the city look for tires with simpler tread style that allows grip without wielding too much load on the engine.

Age of the tire

Maintenance of car tires is such a dim topic that it goes unnoticed in many discussions. When it comes to a driver’s safety, tires cannot be ignored. Buying new car tires are not always a cost-effective measure. Proper tire maintenance habits such as tire rotation, checking the air pressure and getting wheels aligned are very important to reduce the wear and tear that tires undergo. However, after a certain point in time, it is best to change tires and get the new set for your car. The worn-out car tires lack traction and need additional force to maintain the grip. This goes on to decrease the over-all efficiency and the fuel economy of the car.

You can always search for a discount on tires when you buy tires online and get premium branded tires at a very affordable price. At Gottires we float our sales ads on special occasions where customers get a chance to own high-quality tires at a reasonable cost. You can check our product page to learn more about tires from different brands which are popular among consumers for being fuel-efficient.

Hope this article helped you to determine whether your car is riding on low mileage tires or high maintenance- fuel consuming tires. For more information on tires and how to keep driving smoothly do check our upcoming blogs.

We wish you a safe drive always!

Published on: Jul 15, 2020

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