Is it safe and reliable to buy tires online?

Over the decade people have warmed up to e-commerce stores. While everyone is buying books to grocery online, the demand for online tires has also soared. Especially during the pandemic phase when buying things online has allowed us to maintain social distancing. With the precarious outfall of Covid-19 people feel safer being home than out in the market. However, one cannot ignore the fact that not everyone is comfortable about buying tires online.

It is an old habit to do a market survey and check the tires personally before we finalize anything. This habit cannot be challenged either because tires are an important segment of the vehicle on which our safety depends. It’s good to be cautious while buying tires than opting for cheap tires blindly. But now when it is safer to avoid physical visits to the market in the wake of corona pandemic, e-commerce stores selling tires have become very popular among people who decided to buy tires online.  

This trend will probably outlast the pandemic because slowly but surely people have come to realize the freedom associated with online buying of tires. Just imagine the kind of nightmare your punctured tire scene used to be. The hour long-wait for Uber and drive to the nearest shop followed by stress associated with time-consuming scrutiny, bargaining, and fitting. It still didn’t assure you the best deal. To get discount tires and save money one had to visit at least two or three different shops. Buying tires online have given people relief from all these above-mentioned anxiety triggers. 

In the wake of this growing enthusiasm among buyers about buying tires online, we decided to jot down an article on why this trend is gaining prominence. Do give it a read as in the end we will give you key points on how you can also enjoy the liberty to buy tires without leaving your home or without compromising with quality. 


Saves time 

Face it, time has become a prized asset in today’s world. Nobody wishes to waste it for any reason. If online shops offer you the right platform to buy reliable and quality tires without visiting ten different offline shops, why won’t you grab the opportunity? The online tire shops like Gottires have been serving customers for over two decades and have created a trusted name in the market. Its huge inventory has all kinds and categories of tire starting from standard tires to all-season to premium and winter tires.


Affordable prices and incentives

Remember those days when you went to an offline store to buy a tire but couldn’t afford it? Online stores save you from those anxious hours of lengthy bargains where you can’t even be sure of the right deal. E-commerce tire stores offer flat discount rates and sales so that you are clear about your tire budget beforehand. You can not only find premium tires at a discount price but also avail incentives such as free shipping or reduced price for buying all the four tires together.


Wide option

These days all reputed brands, whether it's Michelin, Yokohama, Bridgestone or Goodyear have partnered with online stores for making faster delivery of tires. These brands now a day avail all their tire models and variants online. Clients can check the specifications and price of the tire before placing an order. This has reduced the chances of getting a low-quality material transported to your door because brands take their name seriously and make sure that the best product gets delivered to the client.


Options to compare

A huge advantage of online stores is the availability of different tire brands in one place where you can compare their price and specification without any fuss. You save your time on visiting different dealers or seeking opinions from ten different people on tires. Instead, you get all the information on the website. This also helps you to make the best choice for the optimum deal that you seek.

All the points mentioned above have contributed to making online tire stores famous among tire buyers. If you buy tires online there are high chances that you may get a great discount and save a few bucks more than the offline stores. But while choosing tires online we must follow the best protocols suggested by automobile experts instead of making choices blindly. It is more important in the case of online shopping where you are not physically present in the store to make the decision. 


To make sure you do not compromise with the quality few key points should be kept in mind before buying tires.

  1. Always have all the specifications and information related to car tire such as Tire Load index, Seed rating, Size of the tire, Tread pattern, type of tire handy while buying tires online.
  2. Read customer reviews to have a better idea about the services offered by the online store and how good they are. An e-commerce business that has been in the market for a long time and doing good business undoubtedly has the trust of the buyers. 
  3. Learn what are the services they are providing. Are they offering shipping, fitting, doorstep delivery? Does your tire price include the freight charges? Ask, all the valid and necessary questions before committing.
  4. We all love to save a few bucks on deals but remember choosing a reputed brand while buying tires assures us a good quality product instead of cheap tires from unknown manufacturers. A reliable company with a good reputation will also offer you a prompt service in case of any customer grievance. 

Remembering these points can save you from a lot of heartache and anxiety. You can make a well-informed decision that doesn’t lurch you into a scam or fraud sellers. If you are already looking to buy tires online, do visit our product page and buy branded tires at a discount. Gottires is offering exciting sales and flat rates on several Premium tire variants. Also, you get hassle-free doorstep delivery. 

Hope this article helped answer your queries on whether to buy tires online. Keep visiting our page to read more exciting stuff on tires. We wish you a happy drive always!  



Published on: Jul 15, 2020

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