Tire Buying Guide: The difference between Performance tires and Ultra High-Performance tires

The feature you are looking in a Sports car tires falls under various categories such as ultra-high-performance tires, max performance summer tires, and sports tires. With so many variants and models, customers stay confused about how to choose the right set of tires for their car. With time our cars have come a long way and many of them even in SUV and Sedan models are achieving new speed ranking every year. Customers who ride coupe and hatchback are now experimenting with their tires and do not wish to sacrifice speed as a feature. To meet these expectations the best tire brands are trying to come up with tire variants that are an all-rounder and can meet all sets of expectations.

While buying tires online you will often come across high-performance tire or any of the variants mentioned above. But you may not know the exact difference between these tire variants. To make the best tire buying decision it is important to know what to expect from the tires. So, I’ll start this article by briefing you about the features of sports tires also known as Ultra high-performance tires and the performance-tires.

Features of Ultra high-performance tires

High traction: Sports car tires are made with a sticky tire compound which allows them to retain an above-average grip on the road. They are known for their incredible dry and wet traction. But they are not meant for all weather conditions. These tires are best for summers and some are even prone to hydroplane. They can jet through a wet surface but let them run on constant water lodged areasroad and you’ll start missing your passenger tires dearly. This is where performance tires can set things right. These tires can give you adrenalin rush without sacrificing the grip that you need on different road in diverse conditions all year around.

Shorter tire life: Compared to performance tires, the sports tires (now also knows as max performance summer tires) have a shorter life span. Sports tires have a high treadwear rate and may need replacement. While performance tires may last for whopping 50,000 miles, the ultra-high-performance tires will have a life span of 20,000 or 30,000 miles only. Since sports tires are made for performance the riders often need to compromise durability.

Speed rating: This is perhaps one of the biggest differences that you will find between a performance tire and a sports tire. The speed rating of the performance tire may range between 130 mph to 149 mph. They will as such receive the rating 'H' or 'V' respectively. On the other hand, Ultra-high-performance tires/sports tires will be able to attain a speed of 159 mph and may go as high as 189 mph. So, sports car tires mostly come with a higher speed rating such as 'Z', 'W', or 'Y'.

Performance: While the sports tires are known for dexterity, cornering-speed, and excellent deacceleration power, the performance tires are chosen for being more comfortable, stable, and are less noisy. Added to this they also offer better mileage than the Ultra high-performance tires.

Depending on what we have just discussed, you’ll be able to demarcate between a sports tire and a high-performance tire. But before buying tires online you’ll also have to understand your needs in particular. What type of tire will suit your driving requirements is an essential point to consider before buying them. These days most important specifications of tires are available on online tire ordering sites. However, these specifications may not guide you clearly about the kind of tires that will suit your car. To make the best buying decision let’s look at a few key facts that you must count upon.

Key points to consider before buying tires online

       1. What you need the tires for?

If you have a racing car and you wish to race it on a track, nothing less than an Ultra-high- performance tire would do on your car. Ultra high-performance tires are particularly designed for acceleration and a good grip on the road. The choice will ultimately depend on what you are using your car for. If you are not set to take a winning lap on a racetrack perhaps you will want to rather buy a performance tire only.

       2. Budget

As far as mileage is concerned or the durability, with Ultra high-performance tires you will have to compromise on both. But if you are an ace driver with a steady hand behind the wheel and you are up for a racing challenge, you’ll probably let go of the budget criterion. Let’s face it if you need speed and grip than there can be no other tire better than Ultra high-performance tires.

      3. Weather condition

If you own a performance car, make sure you opt for sports tires that have permission to be used on streets. You will get the best deals on tires online if you search under the categories Performance all-season tires and Ultra high-performance all-season tires. However, the sports tires which fall under the category of max high-performance summer tire do lack wet traction. Even if you do choose to go with Ultra-high-performance tires, they remain prone to skidding. The performance tire section on the other hand comes with better tread design to perform well in all seasons. These tires may also come under the category of Winter tires which increase their traction rate on iced surface.


This was all about the performance tires and Ultra High-performance tires. I hope this blog was able to answer your queries regarding these two tire categories.

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Published on: Aug 21, 2020

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