7 Things to Know About Performance Tires

We have discussed earlier how performance tires differ from standard tires. Though the performance of all vehicles depends on the condition of their tires, there are specific car tires which are designed for performance car only. Such car tires are called performance tire. These tires come with improved ability to stop shorter, better handling, higher speed capabilities, and enhanced grip. However, not all cars require performance tires and it basically depends on a user’s lifestyle and requirements. In this article we will talk about seven important things you must know about performance tires.

Seven key points on performance tires

Best suited for performance car

A performance car is a vehicle designed for acceleration and cornering speed. They offer high acceleration in all weather conditions. Many manufacturers design luxury cars under this category. They can also come in the hatchback model which is used by masses. But these cars are mostly lightweight and small. The best example of a performance car is the sports car and Supercars which are the fastest cars on the road. So, a performance car will need a different set of tires than SUV tires or truck tires

They have different feature than standard passenger tires as mentioned below

  1. The chafer comes with rim flange protectors to help protect wheels and provide lateral stiffness. Though it can be seen only in some performance tires.
  2. To achieve more responsiveness these kinds of tires usually place the belt at a lower angle than standard passenger tires. This also offers a higher steering response. 
  3. The overlay is designed to enhance the speed.
  4. These tires have a tread cap that makes them suitable for compounding both wet and dry traction.
  5. These tires have a unique tread pattern. The use of fewer blades and aggressive blocks in the tread pattern increases handling capabilities. Large tread blocks also increase the grip on the road. 


Best performance tires are more expensive than the standard tires. It is because performance tires are more durable, offer high performance, and have better designs. However, they are less fuel-efficient compared to standard quality car tires. Though performance tires may not help you with mileage, it does offer dexterity and grip on the road. But do not lose your heart. If you search online there are plenty of best places to buy tires online on discounts. Grab best deals on tires during the Sales period. Also, I would like to add that though you may need to sacrifice on mileage and longevity of the tires. But if you are driving a high-speed car, it is suggested that you go for high-performance tires as they offer you better grip and high safety. These tires enhance your ability to stop faster and steer better. They have a quick and impressive response rate which is needed for cars with high acceleration capacity.

Speed rating

Speed rating tells us the top speed at which your tires can function. Most of the performance tires have a higher speed rating than standard tires. The speed rating of the performance tire may range between 130 mph to 149 mph. They will as such receive the rating H or V respectively. On the other hand, high-performance tires or sports tires attain a speed of 149 mph and may go as high as 189 mph. So, high-performance tires mostly come with a higher speed rating such as Z, W, or Y, starting from V.

Fuel Efficiency

Performance tires are less fuel-efficient than the standard tires and may offer lesser mileage. It is because, the performance tire due to their aggressive traction may use more engine power than the standard tires. 


Usually, a passenger tire or standard tire does not last more than three to four years. So, at max, you can gain a run of 12000 to 15000 miles from these tires. However, performance tires may wear out early due to their high rolling resistance. Since they offer high speed and good grip, their rubber wears out faster than other tires. It is suggested that every tire should get rotation after every six months or a drive of 6000 miles (Whichever comes first). With performance tires, it is advised that the rotation is done more frequently due to their high rolling resistance. Rotation helps the tires to wear evenly and in the long run, can help your tires last longer.

Few best performance tires in the market 

a)         Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires: These tires demonstrate a high level of traction along with balance. What makes them the best performance tires in this range is their durability. While high-performance tires do not last long, Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires demonstrate amazing durability.

b)         Michelin Pilot Sport 4S: It is one of the best performance tires that not only offers enhanced grip but also durability and comfort. First, it offers better-wet traction than its competitors. Second, it also boasts an enhanced tread life which is a far cry for most tires in this category.

c)         Pirelli P Zero Trofeo R: It comes with a special tire compound that keeps it soft and light for heightened speed. It also offers a high level of grip which you can never find in other tires. A point to remember here is that these tires belong to racing tire variants, as such they will offer maximum performance on track only.

This was all about performance tires. These tires are available under different brands like Michelin, Firestone, and Goodyear. So do check out our large collection of performance tire at and avail the best deals on tires. We have an exciting discount on tires this season so do not forget to shop from the popular brands to own a set of blazing wheels.

Published on: Dec 16, 2020

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